Art of Intuitive Photography: Find your true self through your own lens

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Photography is often expected to be thought based and technically perfect. Art of Intuitive Photography is the opposite. Written for beginners and pros alike, this book guides the reader to pay attention to feelings, be mindful of the present moment, and experience rather than do photography.

Mindy Véissid's approach is thoughtful, compassionate, light, and playful. With specific tools and exercises, she will guide you to tap into your intuition to find your true self and your own voice. The knowledge and self-confidence you will gain from reading this book can be applied not only to photography, but at work, in relationships, and with your health. It's a must read for anyone who wants to improve their photography and their life.

"Art of Intuitive Photography is a wonderful guide for learning to trust your intuition and making photographs from your heart. This book will help you take the leap from generic photos to images that spring from imagination and personal experience with courage and grace."

- Douglas Beasley, Fine Art Photographer and

Founder/Director, Vision Quest Photo Workshops